Once you're admitted, here are the steps you'll need to be enrolled

Before Accepting an Offer of Admission:

  1. Read the conditions of admission. There are separate conditions depending on if you are a freshman or transfer student.
  2. Develop a plan for financing your time at UCSB. Even if you are using VA or state benefits, you should complete or have completed the FAFSA, and an unofficial award letter may already be available through the UCSB portal. Plans should include:
    • Costs of tuition.
    • Costs of supplies and textbooks.
    • Housing
    • Health Insurance
    • Transportation
  3. Consider visiting UCSB prior accepting an offer of admission to make sure the campus is right for you. Open Houses and Virtual Events are scheduled and can be found online.
  4. Start looking for housing early! If you need assistance, complete the Student Veteran Housing Info Request online.

Accepting Your Offer of Admission

  1. Submit your statement of intent to register (SIR) by the specified deadline. The deadline is usually given in the letter offering admission. The SIR is submitted online in the application status portal.
    • At the same time you will need to submit your statement of legal residence (SLR). The SLR is required for all students. Not submitting one results in the University charging out-of-state tuition and prevents dispersal of financial aid.
  2. A few days after submitting your SIR you can establish a UCSB NetID and e-mail online in the UCSB Identity Manager. Your NetID gives you access to the University digital systems and lets you download free software.
  3. All students are required to have medical health insurance that meets minimum coverage limits. The University offers the Student Health Insurance Plan (UC-SHIP) for which the cost is charged at the same time as tuition. Students may waive the UC-SHIP but must provide proof of coverage. If you are receiving VA educational benefits, your insurance costs can be paid by the VA
  4. Incoming students must submit completed tuberculosis screening and immunization records before classes begin. Class registration will be blocked if students do not do so.

After Accepting

  1. Consider registering for orientation through the Orientation Programs website. During orientation academic advising will be available and students who attend will be given priority registration.
  2. Official high school transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions for all students (including transfers). Transcripts from community college classes and IGETC certificates must also be submitted. 

Transcripts and test scores can be sent to: 
Office of Admissions, UC Santa Barbara 
1210 Cheadle Hall 
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2014

Get Ready to Start

  • You’re fully committed! Be sure to register for classes online through the UCSB Gold Portal.
    • Registration occurs in windows called passes. Your pass time is the time you are allowed to enroll in classes. Each pass time has a limit on the max number of credits you can enroll in. Be sure to have a plan for what classes you want to sign up for before your pass time arrives.
  • Pay any remaining fees. These can be paid online at the Billing, Accounts Receivable and Collections (BARC) website. Financial aid is typically dispersed a week prior to the start of classes. This will first pay off any outstanding fees. Any remaining balance is automatically deposited to a student-provided bank account. Failing to pay fees on time will cause students to be dropped from classes.